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U.S. Junior Golf Foundation: 

Was built to be a support system to help Junior golf players compete in golfing events at a reduced or free cost. All our fundraising programs will sponsor junior tournaments or individual players. 

Our Mission Statement:

To make golf affordable to all players that have good grades and a work ethic to make it to the next level of golf. To be a mentor program that will assist junior golfers with the wisdom and knowledge to reach the highest level of the game. To help each player to become men and women that excel in the world as leaders



1. Jeffery W (980)
2. Brandon R (202)
3. Bryan B (704)
4. Matthew F (803)
5. Nick S (919)
6. Daniel MC (443)
7. Brenley O (704)


In 2024 we have partnered with The Alvarez House 0600 to help them support homeless veterans of the Carolina's. Monica Alvarez has created this group and has, over the past 2 years, helped 19 homeless veterans find jobs and housing. We at USA Junior Golf Foundation saw the need to help her reach more homeless veterans and give the support she needs. In 2024 your donation will support our Homeless veterans and Junior golf. Just like the junior golf company, Alvarez House 0600 does not have a corporate staff. Monica takes every dollar we send her and uses it to feed the homeless veterans and provide items they need to survive.

Proceeds from these sales will go to various charities that support junior golfers and Homeless Veterans. Thanks for your support !!!

    Alvarez House 0600 (Homeless Veterans Nc/Sc)


Alvarez House provides a safe place for our displaced Veteran Community. It is our goal to provide shelter, access to continued education, employment and restoration of faith in God and their fellow Americans. Our structured program eases them back into society, while teaching them everyday life skills and renewing their Heart, Mind and Spirit

Do not neglect to extend hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained Angels without knowing it -Hebrews 13:2